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Synthacaine is a legal stimulant similar to cocaine that gives you similar feelings of total self confidence and a real charge. It doesn’t seem to be addictive.

What is Synthacaine ?

Synthacaine is a stimulant that is said to be about half the strength of cocaine. It is a mixture of two medical local anaesthetics called dimethocaine and larocaine. They are stimulants and anaesthetics in their own rights. As a result you will have a numbness in your nose when you have a toot but a decent charge if you take the recommended dose of around 200 mg.

What to expect when you have a toot

People who have taken Synthacaine say they feel as if they can conquer the world. Your teeth grind a bit and your self confidence in everything you do really improves.

It will help if you’re a bit nervous before meeting that hot date, and your nose won’t drip so as you’re confidently guiding them around the bars and clubs you won’t be ostentatiously wiping your nose as you would bad Charlie that’s been cut with something dodgy.
Users do say it is weaker than good coke but if the police pull you, you can produce proof what it is and they can’t do anything. Walking back to your date you can just smile and carry on with the fun, as opposed to spending the night apart, you in some dingy police cell for Class A possession…

Users would be able to spot you have had something but not your average Joe or Jill. This is something you can take if you live at home with Mummy, and want to come back without the horrible questioning of “what have you taken tonight, darling?” because they just won’t be able to tell!


This is a mixture of two medical grade stimulants so is a known quantity in medical circles and as guaranteed to give you a fantastic hit. If you want a good, reliable night out, then Synthacaine is the stuff to take for a good night out!

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